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3 Things to Know About the Flu Shot

With the beginning of fall comes the start of flu season, when the highly contagious virus mutates and spreads across the country. Millions of people will catch the flu and experience symptoms at some point between now and the end of flu season in late spring. However, the virus is easily preventable by visiting your local walk-in urgent care center for a flu shot! A flu shot is a weakened or dead injection of the current strain of the virus, which changes every year. Here’s what you should know before getting your flu shot:

Your body will need time to learn the virus before the flu shot is effective

Most vaccinations are not immediately effective: your body takes some time to learn the virus and how to defend against it. In the case of the flu shot, you won’t be completely immune for about two weeks after you are vaccinated. By waiting until the season is in full swing, you run into the chance that you will come into contact with the influenza virus before you are immune, so you will experience symptoms. While you will be immune for the rest of the current flu season, getting sick after getting the flu shot may seem contradictory. Getting your flu shot early, ideally before mid-October, will give you more time before the peak of the season to adjust to the flu shot for full immunity.

Less of a line for a more efficient visit

Local pharmacies and minute clinics will see longer lines as people put off getting a flu shot until later in the season. By getting your flu shot at a walk-in urgent care early in the season, you eliminate the long lines and wait times, and you’ll even be able to bundle it with another visit for bloodwork, school or employment physicals or even treatment for a separate illness. The CDC recommends getting a flu shot before the end of October, though the shot is available for the duration of flu season. Talk to your doctor about potentially getting a follow-up shot for full protection against the influenza virus.

You’ll be able to get through flu season with more peace of mind

Making sure you and the rest of your family gets immunized against the flu virus is the most effective way to make sure you do not need to use valuable sick days and time off on days in bed with the flu. Symptoms of the virus include headache, coughing, nausea and fever, none of which can be comfortable as you rest.

Walk-In Flu Shots in South Plainfield & Edison, NJ

If you are looking for ways to prevent your family from getting sick this fall, visit AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield today for a flu shot! Our center is open seven days a week and walk-in patients are always accepted, eliminating the need for an appointment. Most major insurance plans are accepted and low-cost flu vaccinations are available for self-pay patients. If you have questions about the flu shot or treatment, please call 908-222-3500.