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The Most Common Urgent Care Visits

Illness or injury can strike your home at any time, especially during colder months. With busy schedules between school, work, and other appointments, making time for a visit to the doctor may not always be in the cards. As urgent care centers begin opening clinics in your area, the ability to walk into a facility for diagnosis and treatment without scheduling weeks in advance will benefit your entire family. Some of the most common ailments treated at AFC Urgent Care include:

Cold, Flu & Respiratory Illnesses

Once you begin coughing or sneezing for a period of time, you may begin noticing other symptoms forming. From congestion to a runny nose, respiratory illnesses can occur throughout the year depending on the season and what may be floating through the air. The common cold affects most adults, who suffer from 2-3 each year from symptoms ranging from sneezing and coughing to severe body aches and fatigue. The cold causes more people to call out of work than any other illness each year. Symptoms build up for a few days, lasting about seven days total. The flu is in season from October through May, with the peak occurring from December through March. While there is a vaccination available to prevent the disease, waiting too long can lead to you catching it. The flu presents with similar but more severe symptoms as a cold, including fever and minor disorientation.

Ear & Skin Infections

Nearly half of all ear infections treated occur in children under the age of 13 and can affect several parts of the ear, including the middle ear and outer ear canal. Symptoms may include fever, pain and drainage from the area, but may not be immediately obvious. If your child is suffering from an ear infection, you may notice them tugging at their ear or have extra sensitivity to noise.
After getting a cut or rash, you should take extra care to wash out the area and cover it to prevent outside materials from getting into the wound such as dirt or dust. If you notice that the wound is not healing or that its appearance has become red and irritated, it may have become infected and can lead to more serious issues. Visit an urgent care center immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Sprains & Strains

Injuries sustained while running or during a trip on the stairs are common, peaking in the warmer months when outdoor exercise happens more frequently. You may not be able to tell the difference at first, requiring professional diagnosis in order to proceed with treatment correctly. Both generally happen in joints and may or may not be able to handle weight immediately after the damage is sustained. A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is torn or stretched, often in a fall or during physical activity. Strains occur primarily in ligaments, connecting bones to cartilage at the formation of a joint. Since the injuries are so similar, it is important to undergo an X-ray to get the right diagnosis.
If you are suffering from a common illness or injury, don’t wait for weeks to be examined by a doctor. Visit your local AFC Urgent Care Center for walk-in diagnosis and immediate treatment.